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The Lighthouse Within Us Part 2: The Role of the Lightkeeper

In Part 1, I described how our inner lighthouse symbolizes a stable and reliable place where we can seek guidance from the soul during our mental and emotional storms. Lighthouses don’t run on their own—every lighthouse needs a lightkeeper. In this post, I will explore how we can keep our inner light burning brightly.

Many of us trudge through life, bracing ourselves for the universal rhythm of unexpected emotional storms. No matter what we do, no matter how hard we try to escape from the effects of the past, clouds of unrest hover over our state of being.

When we allow sadness to creep into our inner lighthouse, it clouds the view of our true self. We become lost in a make-believe world that grows bigger and bigger each day. With a sense of hopelessness, we subconsciously hunker down and flow with the negative energy, creating a vision we don’t want others to see. Fearing they would add to our perceptions of being unworthy, we create a false self in order to fit in.

By following our negative visions, we create more illusions that don’t seem to fit into the realm of who we truly are. To find the healing magic within ourselves, we must value the power of conscious and clear thoughts—helping us increase the clarity of our minds.

This process of discovery includes many twists, turns, surprises, upsets, and confusion—stumbling until we reach a moment of clarity.

By taking on the role of lightkeeper of our inner lighthouse, we increase awareness within ourselves. We become more aware of the shifts in our thoughts, attuning to the triggers from our past that affect our lives, making changes in our choices, revitalizing our energy for the healing to manifest.

All who are adrift in an emotional sea of turmoil can use this lighthouse as a focal point. The illuminating beacon of light from our soul, shining in all directions, guides us toward healing, helping us be more conscious and clear on the direction we should be going—aiding us in navigating the rough waters.

As lightkeepers, we must consciously be aware of all the aspects of keeping our inner lighthouse up and running: conducting tours daily, identifying our state of being and level of comfort, cleaning the grit off our lens, making the needed changes in our ways of thinking and seeing.

We can learn to live the life we want by applying ourselves in the actual discipline of removing the obstacles that block our channel of seeing through the lens of unconditional love.

As lightkeepers, we can discover our true power: the power that can take us on a journey of freedom and love. By allowing the spirit of our souls to awaken quietly within, we are able to transform our visions—teaching us what we knew all along.

Our souls function as a barometer for our bodies. For the healing to begin, we need to trust the body and its signs, signals, and warnings. It is in the process of focusing on our inner barometer that we are able to recognize small glimpses of light that open up the door to a better understanding of ourselves: a key to facilitating awareness and freeing us from the illusions of being locked into the past.

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