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Imagining the Many Seasons of the Soul Part 3: Embracing the Cycle of Seasons

This is the final post in a three-part series on the seasons of the soul. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Every season has its lessons. It is how we handle the lessons that makes a difference. We can’t just stay in the season of spring. It is beautiful, but spring is the process of growing, seeing the seeds that we have planted starting to sprout.

We must move through all of the seasons of the soul. Each one gives us lessons for growth, strength, and endurance. Summer has moments we may find almost intolerable, but we can get through it. Fall gives us a chance to see the changes we made and prepare for winter—giving us time to reflect, heal, and move forward into the next cycle of seasons in our lives.

The key to success and accomplishing a strong footing in our journey in life is to listen to our soul. It will help get us through the grinding seasons by comforting us, giving us the needed strength beyond ourselves, and fortifying us in the seasons of hardship and troubles. It allows us to know that in any battle, there is an end.

The seasons can bring a wide variety of life to us. The weather in each one may allow us to engage in emotions and thoughts that ignite feelings of love, joy, and happiness, or it may take us to a whole new dimension, based on our inner fears, casting us into the role of being powerless.

Experiencing each season of the soul cultivates a sense of spontaneity and playfulness that opens up our imagination to new possibilities, informing us of the way we live. It is the art of awakening and being fully present in what we are doing: nurturing our creative rhythms of self-discovery, accessing awareness of ourselves, restoring our sense of self-esteem, looking for patterns, and exploring the results of our choices.

I pray that this series has helped you this month. Work to recognize the season in which you spend most of your time and reflect on whether it helps or hinders your growth.

Going through the cycle of seasons supports our personal growth. Listening to the voice of our soul promotes healing and produces more positive results in our lives—allowing us to develop greater awareness of ourselves.

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