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The Lighthouse Within Us Part 1: A Symbol of Strength

A lighthouse symbolizes strength, a safe harbor residing within our soul. When emotional upheaval starts to storm, the soul shines a light on the areas of concern. It guides us through the turbulent emotional seas, in the darkness of our thoughts, safely directing us to a peaceful port of call—clearing a path toward clarity of mind and thought.

It’s not a 9-to-5 job. This is a journey that begins at sunrise and seeps into the night. Looking for patterns of familiar thoughts and feelings that are toxins helps us change our position so we can see things differently. For us to illuminate our inner darkness and figure out why things happen the way they do, the generator of our inner power has to be up and running, enabling us to make change real and permanent.

By clinging to unexamined hurts from the past, we walk in darkness—step by step sinking deeper and deeper into obsessing over our problems. Once we learn how to navigate our storms with confidence, we are able to release negative beliefs and feel a sense of peace, joy, and love, knowing all is well.

Sometimes in our journey, we soak up the negativity of life’s mysteries that unravel in the outer environment, and we subconsciously embed them into our minds. By focusing on the negative, we become the creator of our own destiny: the seeds of discomfort slowly grow within our inner being, filling in all of our mental nooks and crannies.

The depth to which we bury these seeds depends on our experiences of knowing how to weed out the negative and cultivate the positive. We must take time daily to recognize what we are thinking and feeling—recognition, honesty, and acceptance are necessary to keep us moving, growing, going forward.

Living behind the walls of resistance, we create obstacles that keep us from getting to the heart of our emotional upset. Listening to the voice of the soul gives us clues to sharpen our innate ability to recognize the roadblocks before we encounter them.

How do we move forward from our past experiences? How do we erase the drama that is etched in the folds of our memory? These are very important questions that need to be addressed if we are going to transcend beyond our old self.

Trust the unknown. Make a commitment to surveying all emotional weather conditions. Take readings daily, and ask, “What is trying to get my attention?” Why is it happening? It is in the quiet practice of listening that we learn to hear our inner selves.

Life’s lessons aren’t given to us to make us weaker and discourage us from pursuing our dreams. They are meant to show us that things happen and we can learn from them. When we get lost in the moment, we create fictional stories in our minds to read day after day, year after year, that take our eyes off our true self. How we look at things, people, and situations, including ourselves, has an impact on whether things change or stay the same.

Clinging to negative experiences from the past will throw us off track, causing us to grasp for something, anything that will stop our pain. We have the power to redefine ourselves—redoing what we believe that reduces our pain.

By tuning into our hearts, our souls help us understand what we are hearing. It is in knowing our oneness, in the waves of peace, flowing in the sea of love, that we can enjoy the clear skies and calm water, moving toward a new horizon.

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