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The Lighthouse Within Us Part 3: Imagine a New You

This is the final post in a three-part series. In Part 1, I offered an introduction to the lighthouse as a symbol. In Part 2, I described how we can function as the lightkeepers of our souls. In this post, I will explain that to facilitate healing, finding our true self, we need to learn how to navigate the storms from our past—instead of hiding from them.

As lightkeepers of our inner lighthouses, we must survey all the emotional landscapes we encounter: valleys, oceans, plains, and mountains. We must listen to our inner voice, learn how to hear ourselves, and do what we need to do to break through our fears, anger, and resistance.

By discovering our own truths and removing obstacles, we set ourselves free to grow and learn where the spirit is leading us. The more we connect with our knowing, the more we connect with our soul—moving us into higher visions of our lives.

What a difference we have in our emotional outlook when we know that the sun will be shining and a beautiful day is waiting for us to enjoy. Our minds and bodies become relaxed, knowing we have opportunities to bask in the moment.

Lightkeepers scan the horizon for approaching storms. Our energy level is like a weather report, alerting us to what to expect for that day or future. When our energy level is very low, we have no desire to do anything. It is almost like we shut the door to life until that storm passes.

Life hands us storms. Some are light; some are heavy. By maintaining a strong hold on our inner strength, we can get through any upheaval that arises. Storms pass, rainbows form, and at the end of all darkness, there is light.

Don’t let inner obstacles form. Learn how to push through distractions and redefine your world. In my book The Interior Decorator of the Soul, I shared some insights on how to raise your frequency and maintain its power for transformation and change to happen.

We all need to see the sun shining in our hearts, the moon lifting us up to the stars, and the windows of freedom open to empty that backpack full of memories.

Imagination is fundamental to all of us. Exercising our imagination gives us the power to release the past, shape our desires, and project possibilities for the future.

Going through our dreams of having a better life, feeling the sensations of peace, joy, and happiness, is a creative process central to our journey. The art of spirituality is to create a safe space of experimentation and for exploration of new possibilities. It is a journey that slowly brings the whole of ourselves and our experiences to a new level.

Take time in the beginning to develop a vision. Make a list of all the things you like, soaking up the healing energy. Explore different options as you transcend your old limiting beliefs.

To help us access the storehouse of images within ourselves and create a sense of meaning, we must be creative and move beyond ourselves. By creating a vision of our future, knowing clearly what we want, the universe will help guide us down that path.

So once again, it’s up to us to discover the truth and be our own advocates. Learn how to trust yourself, taking responsibility for your choices, pulling old messages out of your mind—one by one throwing them away. By changing our energy, we are able to become the artist of our inner desires.

Remember, transformation challenges us to stretch and grow through the process of commitment, releasing old emotions. The time for heaviness—of the body, mind, and heart—is past. Gravitate toward joy.

No matter how fierce, no matter how strong or relentless the river of emotions flow, be a warrior and don’t let anything or anybody camouflage that path toward creating your future. Never give up; never give in. WIN!

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