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Imagining the Many Seasons of the Soul Part 2: Identifying Specific Seasons

This is the second post in a three-part series on the seasons of the soul. You can read Part 1 here.

If you were to examine your current season in life right now, what would you say? Take a few minutes and think about it. Our emotions determine the condition of our soul, the place where we feel how things are going in our lives. Just as the natural seasons change, so do the seasons in our lives. Our behavioral strategies, what we choose to linger in, clarify our current reality.

Soothing Season: Spring

There is a feeling of warmth in the season of spring. Flowers uplifting from the dark of their sleep, trees stretching their branches and waving their leaves to the world. The sun warming the grounds of our thoughts, joy and peace seeping through the filters of its unconditional love and guiding us down a path of eagerness—opening the door to another beautiful day. This is a season where we are emotionally balanced, and our inner peace is a signpost pointing toward recognizing we have the power to get through any issues in our lives.

Heated Season: Summer

In the heated season of summer, we are pulling on the collar of our thoughts, searching for relief from the negative energy that appears to be surrounding us. It may seem like a season of warfare: test and trials at nearly every turn, a dry season where we can’t feel or hear the voice of our soul as we once did. We trudge through each day and wonder when it will ever change.

This season can be emotionally challenging. When things appear to be out of our control, we may choose to play the victim, blaming others for our upset. The heat of the season, with the many trials and tribulations that embody our thoughts, makes us feel powerless.

Summer can appear overpowering. But that doesn’t mean things can’t change.

One of the keys in getting through this challenging season is recognizing where we are and pushing through it. Don’t let any circumstances wither your outlook. In this season, it is also good to do a self-examination: Is there anything that is causing the dryness in your power to feel and hear your soul reaching out to you—providing a safe place for the healing to take place?

New Energy Season: Fall

In this season, we fix our thoughts on change coming with an open heart. We allow ourselves to gaze beyond our problems and focus on seeing things with an open heart.

It is an opportunity to trust the process of change with clarity, peace, joy, and laughter. It is allowing the process of transformation—discovering life’s rhythm, taking in the healing energy of the moment and wrapping it around us. This season is the key to establishing a relationship with ourselves. It provides a moment where we can reflect on our different seasons and how we got through them: What was our most difficult discovery? How did we solve it? What methods do we have in place to monitor our perception of things based on assumptions and misunderstandings?

Silent Season: Winter

The silence of winter is when we choose to hide in our cage of discontentment because we don’t understand what we are going through or why. Anchored in the core of our minds are the many winters that sabotage our happiness, preventing us from living and moving in self-acceptance. As the test and trials unfold around us, we assume this is life and we just need to endure it.

Often, our problems are connected to the way we feel. We make judgments that unconsciously control our thought patterns. Although it is winter, it isn’t a time where we should hide from our emotions. It is time to reflect and figure out why we do the things that cause mental upheaval. Winter isn’t a bad season. It gives us an opportunity to feel, think, and clear up any misconceptions—freeing ourselves from them.

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