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Imagining the Many Seasons of the Soul Part 1: An Introduction to the Seasons

As we search through the many seasons of the soul, the universe helps us find the ingredients we need for growth. We form visions, get clear ideas, and produce the best creative ways to embrace our connection to ourselves. In this three-part blog series on the cycle of seasons, I will help you explore the relationship between inner and outer creativity that allows us to activate the energy of the universe.

Within the four seasons—winter, spring, summer, and fall—we cultivate the art of following certain patterns that take us to either the heights of the mountain, feeling lifted in the spirit of love, light, and joy, or the depths of the sea, drowning in our emotional turmoil. Exploring and identifying our state of being—where we spend most of our time in life—will indicate the level of relationship we have with ourselves.

We constantly experience the rise and fall of our emotions. We know, deep inside, when to expect the inner warmth of spring, the heat of the summer, the cooling of fall, and the blistering side effects of winter.

Just as seasons change, so does the soul of who we are. Life’s ups and down test our endurance: how we think, the patterns we keep following, and the never-ending thoughts that lock us into experiencing the same thing over and over.

The key to changing our way of living is to recognize where we are stuck and use the tools of knowledge that will help us release what is holding us back. The spirit of our soul assists us in attuning and connecting to our authentic empowerment, loosening limitations we place on ourselves.

When we experience emotional upset, and we choose to linger in its season, it becomes our “ideal scene”—a vivid picture of our intended outcome. It is a subconscious journey that begins the moment we wake up in the morning, continues as we walk through the pages of our day, and persists until we close our eyes at night. The ticker-tape of our thoughts, rehearsing every step we consciously made that particular day, becomes subconsciously embedded into the season we choose to reside in.

Life is about transformation. Through transformation, we can cultivate a set of values to live by, a sense of direction, and a basis for hope where there might have been only despair—it is the commitment to solving the mystery within us. Why do we choose a particular season to live in? What is it that keeps us from cultivating the wisdom of all the seasons? There is so much to learn from the emotional seasons we go through that we shouldn’t fear the transitions. The change isn’t a sign that we are weak; it is a sign that we are human.

It can be a real challenge to find space in our lives to listen to the depths of experience that call us beyond ourselves. In fact, we can’t simply “find space.” Instead, we must intentionally create the needed space. When we exercise our imagination, it gives us the power to shape our desires, and to project possibilities for the future.

Trust the unknown. Allow the triggers within the seasons to uproot your life: seasons of happiness, seasons of trudging through the heat of things, seasons of change, and seasons of healing. These are scattered pieces of ourselves. Let all the parts come together. Don’t hide from any of them. Our job is to trust the process—look at whatever unfolds without fear, and know that the spirit of your soul will help you break free of the cycle of negative beliefs, opening up the doors to greater clarity.

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