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The Beginning Is Not the End

Life sends us different experiences, some

we want to snuggle in and keep forever,

some are wrapped in different layers of

pain, tucked deep inside, deleting the

magical feelings—in the light of day

Be what it may, things unfold in their own

way, own time. The beginning is not

the end—it's just a cycle in our life that

will teach us how to smile, laugh, forgive

and believe all tomorrows will transform

into a new day—soothing the soul along the way


                                 Cheri Mortimer

Dr. M is a spiritual life coach. She will guide you through journeys of deep discovery, enabling you to choose how you want to live rather than simply allowing life to happen.

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A monthly newsletter will provide readers with the necessary tools to identify their issues (the false beliefs, excuses, judgments, etc.) cluttering up their "soul space." Specific topics include the following:

  • Projections and illusions

  • Vulnerability

  • Taking responsibility for our actions, feelings, and decisions

  • Learning how to listen to ourselves (awareness, paying attention to the energy around us and how it feels internally)

  • Identifying personal themes and patterns

  • Identifying "storms" as lessons to be reflected on and decoded

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         OUR MONTHLY 


For all of us, the jumble of memories, fears, and old wounds that make up our personal histories creates a strong emotional bond with the old-world paradigm. In this model, the ego reigns supreme. Addicted to its own negative emotions, the ego throws your mind into disarray, cluttering your worldview with negative self-chatter and obscuring the signals from within that prompt you to see change, growth, and light.

Each newsletter focuses on an inner journey toward personal growth and spiritual healing. By creating a higher level of awareness within yourself, you are able to release past hurts, pierce through emotional clutter, and find healing through forgiveness that will empower you to navigate life's challenges with a newfound perspective.

By using specific tools, infused within each newsletter, you will be able to detach from negative patterns of false beliefs and redesign your life. It involves evaluating your choices, managing personal power, being persistent in challenging your fears, and letting go of negative stories. An inner journey of trust, intuition, love—with the goal line of finding your "Authentic Self."

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